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I made it…  But what’s after here?

It’s been a week since I graduated from college and even if I know what I should be doing now, I’m still not doing it anyway. I feel lost, paralyze, pressured, anxious and… I feel so adult now. No one will carry me to the next transition of my life. No mother to go with you to your job applications. No friends to share with your nervousness during a job interview. No one to guide and instruct you where you should go after here. I’m all alone now. Like Eric Carmen, I’m all by myself now. 

I know what to do, and that is, to have a job but I don’t know how to do it – should I apply online? Through walk-ins? Where should I go? Is it okay to apply for this position? Can a fresh graduate with no experience apply for this? Is it okay if I apply for a job that is not related in my degree? Funny how my thoughts confuses and making my head hurt. 

I can feel the pain in my butt for getting stuck in between starving for a job and anxiety of getting a job. 

This is so frustrating! All thanks to myself. 

For having a low self-esteem. For thinking so negative. For being so lazy. For being so foolish to waste so much time waiting to be ready. For being so hopeless to think that waiting is the key. For being your own. I really thank myself for being her very own. 

Now I know that I’ve been in idle and have made no progress. Now I know that I should move forward. Pray and work hard for the life I am dreaming to live in. 



Just a typical girl who writes randomly about the things that captures my heart.

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