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An Interview to a Flower

“I may not stay here for a long time, may be withered and gone sooner but the world has known me for the beauty I have shown behind the pain I get from too much sun, behind the anxiety I feel from the outrage of the wind, and behind the loneliness I feel whenever it rains.  Even if I had felt all those things I still manage to give positivity to those who needs it, give radiance to those who feel darkness, give comfort to those who feel sadness and I’m here to express love. I may not stay here as long as you will but the world will remember me as beautiful as life may be, as brilliant as the sun in noontime, as sorrowful as someone who lost a loved one but you, if you don’t mind, HOW WILL THE WORLD WILL REMEMBER YOU WHEN YOU’RE GONE?”
I was stopped by his question, his last words. How will I be remembered? I was circling with the thought, finding the answer, will I have one?



Just a typical girl who writes randomly about the things that captures my heart.

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